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Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

I love to choose iDiGi 88 Plan...


Ya, just an ordinary person like me, this Plan is more than enough..Just RM58 per/month for the fees? It;s more than enough and cheapest in the town, imaging about RM2 per day,, we can online for the whole day..FANTASTIC..with unlimited internet access..wah it call a GREAT Plan ever for me..furthermore, it has an auto billing and it;s make our life more easier..can see our monthly bills online and pay online to..Voice call 200 mins. 200 sms and 20MMS and 1GB internet fo FREE..wah..who can offer this..DIGI..the only one answer..and most important is, 12sen only for voice call after 200mins..it still reasonable..the most important is, it stay same rate for al local network..I love DIGi..because currently im in YELLOW or in others word..I am DIGIEST..sorry, my English not so GOOD as DIGI..smile :-)

for more info..visit:-


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